Denistry reforms failing? Not a suprise.

My younger brother today was at his dentist, talking to a hygenist about keeping his teeth in good shape. That was a free session. However, he is in the unpleasent position of having a tooth extracted next week.

If the government hadn't bodged NHS dentistry, we'd be paying zip, nada, nothing. As it is, we're paying over £100.

ONE HUNDRED POUNDS. Read it nice and slowly.

This is from a family that mostly survives on money from the government. And we're paying hundreds of pounds to have teeth extracted (and bad toothache is much worse than quite a few things the NHS pays for treatment of!) that if we'd been around 10 or 20 years ago we would have had free. The core reason for all these dentists becoming private? The simple fact that they are treated as 2nd class doctors in our society. That, and they make a considerably larger amount of money out of being private doctors.

So let's mark this glorious 60 years of the NHS with a happy slogan. The NHS - alienating it's professionals for 60 years. Needless to say, I'm furious. This isn't just expensive, this is expensive and if not done leaves a poor kid in a HUGE amount of pain.

How is that fair? Maybe it is time that the government, instead of pushing forward with schemes to "modernise hospitals", bite the bullet and face their core demons - an angry and alienated workforce.