The War

In my History class today, we, as we approach the end of the year, were watching Andrew Marr’s masterpiece – History of Modern Britain. It talked about today’s politics, stopping dead with the end of Blair’s premiership. But in truth, by the time Marr was dwelling on the War on Terrorism, I was muttering certain words to myself.

The words were thus – “The biggest diplomatic disaster and in a hundred years.”

This is what 9/11 was, after all. It was not, and never was intended to be, an attack by a foreign religion. What 9/11 was designed to be was a political stunt of horrific proportions. The dominoes were already in place by 2001. Growing American conservatism and funtamentalism. Fuel companies forming magnates. An increasingly persecuted people – mocked by overseas press for being overweight, backward and stupid. In a way, the US had become, and still is, modern day Tsarist Russia. And like the Tsars, the presidency overreacted to all attacks on their country. A jumpy regime – the final and greatest domino – was the last piece. The planes hit 3 targets. The core of the military, the core of the economy. If the fourth plane had hit home, it would have hit the core of the politicians as well. It was designed from the very off to provoke a response.

The US over recent years has responded with typical terror and conservatism. Two wars, countless dead, and nothing – other than the destruction of diplomatic relations between the West and the Middle East – has been accomplished. It has all been for frightfully little, and as such it is greatly saddening to look back at just how obvious it was that this war was desired by all parties involved.

There is no solution to the Middle East now, exactly as all sides desired. The worst event that could strike now is political unity in the area – the Saudis, Iraqis, and all the other numerous Oil Economies would serve up a hate-filled plate of the ultimate cartel – either buy oil at our prices or not at all.

For us as the UK, the war will never be won. We gain no benefit from the “cheap” oil as it was intended to be by the US, but we suffer from the attacks of groups inspired by 9/11. All because of our involvement in a country that we should care very little about. It merely heightens public awareness of a political elite that are forced to play politics in a time when we badly need real leaders.