Chihuahuas are better than Poodles, at least.

When you sit down at a computer after a lengthy absence from blogging, I suppose the last thing on your mind is how much the leader of a political party looks like a Chihuahua. However, this is obviously not the case today. I refer, of course, to this little piece of news off of the BBC website:

I'm personally not a fan of dogs. They're noisy, messy, frustrating and bird-brained creatures. I'm much more of a cat person. I do, however, wonder exactly what was going through the mind of The Mail's editor when he decided to create such a daft poll in the first place.

As this is a TMOS poll, the overall results are not exactly shocking - nearly half of the readership would vote Conservative. I do chuckle somewhat though, at Clegg's reference to Cameron's former poodleship now being of a much more labradorian strain. We can't ignore that Brown is viewed as a St Bernard (I wonder if the readership had the Beethoven films in mind) and the apparently Chihuahuan edge of Clegg. If Chihuahuas were not traditionally owned by slightly dotty old ladies, popstars, minor royals and the occasional actor, I might well agree with them.

Apparently Brown is good at keeping secrets, and Cameron is more of a Quiz Team leader. I would suppose that this says a lot about each man's respective cabinets, at least.

- Huw