Now we're back to the reason people vote Labour...

And guess what? It's because the Conservatives are STILL persuing policies involving making it much harder for people at the bottom end of the wealth spectrum to survive:

Here's the Tories plan:

1) Spend taxpayer's money on a fancy scheme to get under 21's into "employment bootcamps" where they can learn how to get a job and get involved in community schemes.

a) Logistical nightmare.
b) Expensive
c) Won't work in combination with current educational schemes.

The problem is that there is too many jobs in some areas of the country, and not enough in others. And that's only going to be solved by government investment in buisness, not a more clued up young workforce.

2) Make benefits even more Means Tested than it is now.

Making it even harder for the poorest members of society to get the money they need, by stacking even more tests and forms on top of them. Not only is that an even bigger waste of government money than it is now (granted, the current level is neccesary) but with the Conservatives campaigning on a pitch of "Labour abandoning the Working Class", it is entirely hypocritical. Especially for younger workers (see the hypocricy with point 1?) as it is going to become near impossible for them to clame Jobseekers.

The solution to this isn't making the money harder to get to, it is giving people jobs.

3) Forcing people to work.

Even if people have taken time off for valid reasons, like sickness, they will be forced into schemes that get them into unpaid employment or risk losing their benefits.

The solution? Get them jobs.

4) Racist policy towards Migrant Workers:

Speaks for itself, really. No more EU co-operation, just block every single migrant worker because British workers are somehow "better".

I have a good friend that works night shifts, and he used to be quite anti-EE (Eastern European). He knows a few of them now, and they're alright people. Nothing wrong with them in the slightest.

If the Tories persued an anti-Asian policy (almost the same thing, discounting second generation Asians) they'd get slammed for being rascist. What's different here?

Lets also not forget that most of these EE workers are catholic, which coincides with Cameron's push for Family Values. And they also have degrees, which fill up specialist roles that we've been losing overseas for years now (and that the Tories have slammed Labour on).

5) Copy policies already persued by Labour and spin them.

For example, point 1 is being taken in a slightly less hardline way by Labour with their New Deal.


In all seriousness, that report has basically proved my point - this Conservative party is no different policy wise than previously, but just has Mr Baby Face running the show.

- Huw