I need to make more posts...

Anywho, this post I made was in responce to somebody suggesting Brown should go:


Okay then, who would replace him?


Face it, changing PM now would force the new PM to call a general election, and in these climates Labour would have to work extremly hard to avoid losing a major chunk of their majority (effectively forcing them into an alliance of sorts with the Lib Dems).

As such, removing Brown won't work.

Next? A party relaunch. It won't attract the press, and it won't interest the public. Scracth that.

Next? Cabinet reshuffle. I'm not a good man to talk about these things, as I don't know most Labour MPs from Adam, but I could give a wishlist for who I'd like dropped.

Jacqui Smith (Because she's lost the support of the public services)
Hazel Blears (Because she's a grinning idiot with the most annoying voice known to man. Not a good property for a cabinet minister)
Harriet Harman (Object of ridicule, political lightweight)

No anti-female agenda, they're just all examples of why the cabinet isn't working.

Let us not forget that the PM is The First Amongst Equals - the cabiniet is the real runner of the show, not the PM. And this cabinet is incompetent.


The Cabinet IS incompetent. It has too many members, with quite a bit of talent weakened by several members that, quite frankly, would be better removed and replaced.

- Huw