My opinion of Cameron. Not a pretty sight.

I made this post on, and I'm pretty happy with it. So I'm going to repost it here.

Right, first of:

Just because Labour or the Conservatives did things more than 10 years ago, has no say whatsoever on what they would do in the future.

The Tories did drag our economy out of the mud, but on the back of American consumerism. Thatcher and her cronies legacy shall forever be us superglued to the United States, which I feel is the worst legacy a politician could have.

Now, onto why David Cameron is an utter charlie.

1) He has no European policy
2) He has no realistic enviroment policy
3) He has an exceedingly shaky economic policy
4) He is an upper class showman, a personality entirely unsuited to being able to take critisism. Cameron, unlike Blair or in some respects Brown, is not a teflon man. Things stick to him. Outside of his own party, he is not a popular chap.

Anyone else regulary watch PMQs like I do? Notice how Cameron never defends his own policies? Because he knows that in a battle of "10p Tax-esque" policies, the Tories win hands down. They have policies floating around from Thatcher's era.

I will vote Liberal Democrats no matter what, but in all honesty, if it came down to a choice between Reds or Blues...

Reds. No doubt about it. And Greg Pope is a nice chap.

- Huw

Hooray for getting the majority of my exams out of the way!

- Huw