Hell, even as a Catholic...

... I still think that medicine is more important than ethics.

Today, the government vote on a bunch of ammendmentss to change various aspects of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology bill, to review what is right and wrong about certain aspects of research.

Issue One: Chimeras

The government is expected to win the debate about using Human DNA in Bovine Eggs, and I fully support this. We're looking at chemicals here - no life, no God. And if it saves peoples lives, then ethics has to take a back seat in almost all cases. And this is from a Catholic.

Issue Two: Saviour Siblings

This really is a sticky one - how do you ensure that the child will actually be wanted, rather than required? I'm for it in principle - as is the majority, but it is so open to abuse and trouble that it would need major amounts of paperwork.

That being said, Saviour Siblings are a family thing, and not really eligible to be restricted by the government.

Issue Three: Fathers

This one is about time - in Gay relationships, having a Father requirement is futile. Really. However, in the case of single women... be normal, find a boyfriend. Or adopt. It's another example of the society we live in - women no longer really wanting to find a boyfriend, but still want a child. It's just silly. If you hate men that much, you shouldn't risk having a male child, right? :)

Issue Four: Abortion.

Shove it down to 20 weeks, easily. The cost involved for an abortion is huge, looking at it from an economical point of view. The moral implications are always nasty with abortions.

Besides, the old adage "don't get knocked up in the first place" springs to mind.

It will never be that easy in the Commons, though. Too many different opinions. And Conservatives mucking about trying to cause controversy.

Really, this is an indication of Brown slowly righting himself - it has been a tough two weeks, but now it looks like Labour's recovering. Which is annoying.

- Huw