Hooray for Freedom of Information!

Now we get to see how much Cameron spends on Brylcreme. :)


This is long overdue - MPs are public servants that spend money we donate through Tax - the public has every right to know how much that is. Seeing that there are 600 MPs int the country, and they could get £20,000 each in property aid, that racks up to, what, £12m of taxes?

Clegg's been doing this for a while now - it is in the interests of fairness that the other two big men in the Commons follow suit.

Not that Cameron would need the money, but still.

I chuckled when I spotted that:

Commons Speaker Michael Martin was himself criticised when it emerged that his wife had claimed £4,139 on taxis - largely for shopping trips.

To where? New York?

That must be one rich cabbie.

- Huw