Brown's Economic Woes, and how he's probably not going to fix them

The title says it all, really.

Brown's Woes:
The Economy. Simple as that. Brown was heralded as a very good chancellor - he kept Britain in a long period of growth, put in good legislation to help buisness', and generally was quite helpful.

However, he's come a bit unstuck now.

What Brown has done is he has drawn masses and masses of money into the UK by borrowing. Borrowing money is good when your only steering the economy - when you're trying to right it again all that debt ties your hands.

There is no money to change anything. Vince Cable made this point last night too - the extended period of borrowing has lead to the government being hit by its very own credit crunch - it has no money to move anywhere with, and this is leading to Brown being seen more and more as a failure. Really, you have to respect the rest of the cabinet - they're all using Brown as a scapegoat. And they're doing it well. This is a problem in the Labour party today - the old Blairite/Brownite split. And increasingly it is looking like the Blairite faction is winning, despite the lack of a figurehead. Brown is proving why extended periods of borrowing can only cause trouble. And due to this lack of money, there really isn't much he can do.

- Huw