25 things you did not know about Artichokes

Wait. I don't know anything about artichokes. Ah well. Start again.

25 things you did not know about Huw Dawson (because, you know, I know quite a lot about that subject).

1) Despite viewing myself as a Lancastrian, I spent the first 12 years of my life in West Yorkshire.

2) Despite viewing myself as a Northener, my father is from a reasonably well off family from The South.

3) I spend a great deal of my time thinking up excellent posts for this blog, and then subsequently never putting pen to paper or finger to keyboard and writing them.

4) My father's a member of the evil Green Party.

5) I strongly suspect my mother votes Conservative.

6) I have 4 siblings - 2 older sisters, a twin sister, and a younger brother.

7) I'm Catholic, and go to church every Sunday.

8) Even though this blog is called Left Side Of Liberal, I don't consider myself in agreement to the Loony Left, although I have a habit of sympathising with the plight of said Loony Lefts if they actually have a clue what they're talking about pragmatically.

9) I have Asperger's Syndrome, although it's only a mild variation (some people refer to it as High Functioning Autism). If you were in conversation with me, you'd only spot it if you recognised the tell-tale signs of talking for 15 minutes far too quickly without once looking you in the eye. Or breathing.

10) I've always wanted to learn the electric guitar, but have never had the confidence to go out and buy one.

11) I've got several novels scetched out loosly, waiting to be written on a rainy day.

12) I've met Greg Pope, who is a nice enough chap if not a huge personality.

13) I have a profound anxiety on answering the phone if I don't know who's calling.

14) When I was younger, I was terrified of Black Holes as I thought they would eat me.

15) Despite being a big fan of sci-fi, I've never read any Douglas Adams book all the way through.

16) I can build, repair and mantain computers. This skill came from utterly destroying several family computers and learning where I went wrong.

17) Coke is better than Pepsi, but I personally prefer a cup of tea for refreshment.

UPDATE: Here's the final 8. :)

18) I am an avid player of online computer games. I've met a huge bunch of people by this method, engaged in a vast variety of discussions, and generally been a shining example of the benefits of Web 2.0. This is why I am such an avid defender of the internet - it is the greatest invention mankind has ever created, and should be free, liberal and open for all.

19) I also spend a great deal of time with little plastic minatures, making a fuss painting and organising them. I suspect that a small number of those imaginary readers I have also indulge in this pastime. I actually considered calling this blog "A Liberal on WAAAAAAAGH" but wimped out at the last minute. One day, I intend to make that blog, and you'll be able to see my little hobby in better detail.

20) I have an interesting habit, in that I generally only ever wear one coat or jacket, and wear it until it falls into ruin. A friend of mine refers to my exploits one summer by referring to me as Fisherman's Friend. I accept that a great quilted coat, designed to keep the hardiest Russian lumberjack warm in the winter, was perhaps not the wisest choice for attire in that especially hot summer of 2006.

The joke was on him when it rained, though.

21) I have an exceedingly bad habit of writing godawful articles on the spur of the moment, and posting them somewhere. I WILL return to the issue of university tution fees via an OpEd on LDV, but I will spend more than an hour typing up my cursory rant.

22) I and my siblings have gone to every form of schooling in this country - boarding school, normal private school, grammar school, state school and faith school. I have been both to a grammar and a state school, which explains my hatred of the state school system.

23) I used to want to be a military historian, until I discovered that it wasn't just about learning about the grim ways people killed each other.

24) I swell up like a melon if exposed to face paints.

25) I am terrible at making up big lists of interesting facts about myself without getting into a huge depressive dint over my relatively dull life. :)

Anyway, now that I've got my blog rolling again, I'm off to get some inspiration for tomorrow's post.