Heathrow 3rd Runway in, Labour MP for the Heathrow area OUT

Predictable uproar in the Commons on Hoon's promise breaking announcement today, as you can see via BBC Parliament. If you check the events at quarter to one, however, you will see the MP for the Heathrow area being suspended from the Commons for shouting out that it was an "insult to democracy" to not have a vote on the matter (unfortunately for him, no tellers were forthcoming for the division on the vote to suspend him, and they Ayes got their head). The justification from Hoon? The House does not vote on "Planning".

Hoon is the same person who informed Julia Goldsworthy on Question Time about his concerns that there are people out there who "want to blow up this country" as justification for increasingly despotic surveillance legislation. Evidently the same justification (we're right, you're not) is the sole answer that the millions of poor souls that are going to have to the impact on their quality of life.

You have to love the way the Government can circumvent the House, these days.

EDIT: Sorry for not updating when the BBC story was posted - Physics exams do that to activity. The MP was John Macdonald, and (I did not notice this at the time) he actually walked down - while shouting - and picked up the Mace. The man deserves a round of applause for risking embarrasment to make a point.


Jock Coats said...

McDonnell by the way - the guy who tried to run against Gordon Brown for the leadership.