They're opening another mobile phone store in Accrington.

It's Orange this time. They're taking the spot that was once taken by a budget book store. I can't decide what's worse, having too many budget stores, or having too many phone stores. I think that brings the number - in a town centre with at the most 40 stores - to about 5. 1 in 8 of our stores are dedicated to selling mobile phones.

I don't like our selection of stores in Accrington. We have a M&S, a Woolworths, a Wilkinsons and a JJB Spots as our big four, with that planned massive Tesco and the current Asda and Aldi only 2 or 3 minutes away on foot. When you actually think about it hard, you realise that it isn't as bad as you see on the surface, but the vast multitude of budget stores really adds a shadyness to the town as a whole. The real crippling fact is that we have no bookstore whatsoever.

The problem is that I very much doubt that any of those budget stores - or the mobile phone stores - will be there after the end of this reccesion. And I somehow doubt that the shops that replace them will be any better.

This is only a short blog post, but it's Saturday evening, after all.


Julian H said...

If there are "too many" shops then there will be insufficient demand to keep them going and they will close and be replaced with shops offering products for which there is higher demand.

If you, personally, don't like a shop, then simply don't frequent it.