United in Disunity?

Gordon Brown has made a pretty good speech. To me, it seems that he's probably managed to ensure his leadership until the inevitable Next Crisis (whatever it is) hits our green and pleasent land.

Hang on, I just remembered. I spotted a good picture from the conference.

(Source: BBC Website)

That quite possibly is the most terrifying smile I have seen in a very long time. Milliband's is quite creepy too.

Isn't it incredible how the media seems to have managed to twist a few Blairite MPs resigning or openly protesting (I'm looking at you, Mr Pope) because they didn't like Brown into some form of mass revolt? Blairite - a rare word these days. Anyone remember the troubles the party were supposed to have between the Blairites and the Brownites in the setting sun of Blair's regime? They fit quite snugly in here. People simply forget the most important fact - this is a party that when it came apparent that Charles Clark would not run for the leadership simply swung in behind the dour Scot back in 2007. Brown's ensuing bounce cemented this unity, but now that the Brownite house is on fire, the Semi-Detached Blairites next door are wondering if to fan the flames or not.

We hear today that Ruth Kelly - who if memory serves was a Blairite from the get-go - is stepping down "for the sake of her family". I think the chink is finally starting to appear in Brown's armour, and no amount of polish is going to gloss it over. The Milli-Band are now going to have the opportunity to plot within Westminister. It is interesting to see if the Government's legislative diarroea will change minds, because the speech, to Accrington, has certainly not.


On a more positive note, I've secured a ticked to Any Questions on the 15th of October. Any Questions is the Question Time of the radio - if memory serves they have a little bit on the BBC webiste to themselves if you want to check them out.

- Huw