Being a Lib Dem is frustrating.

You're sitting there on thursday night, watching Newsnight. Paxman mentions that Question Time was on the other channel and you groan, as being a political nerd you much more enjoy the debate of QT and were counting the days back to it being back on the TV. Sighing, you decide against changing channel and instead resign yourself to listen to a couple more reports. You bet you've missed Vince Cable or something. Suddenly, Paxman mentions that they've brought back the floating voter group analysis that they had at the last conference season, with that smart American. Could be good.

If you saw the report, you'll know what happens. The apathy of floaters in Manchester is striking - they no longer hold any trust for Brown but see Cameron as a Right Wing Blair. But when asked "What is your opinion on Nick Clegg?", they respond with "Dunno."


They go on to watch various interviews and speeches. They dislike Brown, distrust Cameron. Then go on to vote massively well for Clegg. If they went and voted tomorrow, 90% of them (It being around 5% in 2005's elections) would vote Lib Dem.

This is the problem with being the third part of British politics. You either get ignored or stretched out of proportion. It's frustrating - Community Politics works to an extent, but it doesn't hit nationwide, as the Lib Dems lack a medium to talk to the public within. And it doesn't help when their PPBs are dire.