Johnson won? Blimey.

I was pretty suprised myself to discover that Boris Johnson won the London Elections. Then again, the win was forshadowed by the major Labour losses all over the country, so on reflection, it really wasn't so suprising.

However, it is important to remember why Johnson won:

1) Anti Labour sentiment in London
2) The strong campaigns run by Johnson and Paddick
3) Johnson's complete refraint from any form of stupidity during the campaign.

I think Boris will be a decent mayor - his policy of 50,000 new cheap homes appeals to me, as does the fairness of his proposal for a monthly payment of the Congestion Charge (as long as it is truly representative). Time will tell.

I hope that Johnson finds a place for Livingstone and Paddick, really. Livingstone's travel record is fantastic, as is Paddick's record with the police. Shame that Paddick is unwilling to join up with Johnson.

Anyway, our dear PM has begun his cross-Britain "We must learn" campaign. I want Labour in charge of our country, but I along with many people have lost confidence in this government.

Here is hoping Nick Clegg can use the public's unwillingness to vote Tory as a marketing tool - if he pushes Lib Dem left-wing policies, he could make a killing.