Labour's Angle of Attack - Crime

From Labour's Lancashire propaganda leaflet:

"It's hard to believe the Lib Dems are still sticking to their pledge to end jail sentences for drug possession, want to legalise the sale of cannabis, and would never lock up a young people who are convicted of an ASBO. But it's true."

I'm not sure if that actually IS true, actually, although to go through my own personal opinions...

1) Possession with intent to sell is a incarceration-worth crime - simple possession should lead to hefty fines.
2) I'm actually for legalising it and then placing heavy taxes on it. We make money of cigarette smokers, after all.
3) Throwing a child in prison will always be a stupid idea.

Anyway, it goes on. It's a crime swipe - apparently we're soft on crime, mostly around drugs, although I don't actually recall most of that being party policy. The attack vs the Tories is one of "They'll cut public services".

Let's be a little uncomplicated for a second. I don't actually know of many young people in Lancashire that would be switched off from voting for the Lib Dems because they want to legalise cannabis. In fact, quite the opposite!

Ah well. Labour have already sacrificed the youth vote many times over - no sense for them to appeal to them now!