The Legacy of 2008

Years tend to have themes that people remember. 1966 had the World Cup, 2001-2005 were all about Terrorism, and so on. So, looking back over 2008, I have to think a little about what 2008 is going to leave in my mind. It's actually not as easy as pointing out one date or event - if it was, like the voters of the LDV awards, I'd have to say the Obamarama election. It's a really odd sign of the times that people care more about the US president than the politicians of this country, if you think about it.

Anyway, back on subject. What legacy will this year leave in my mind? I think that it's probably Dread September, when the stocks just fell and fell and fell. I have to own up to a little anarchistic glee whilst watching the FTSE 100 some days. I also recall getting a little carried away with doom-laden predictions. That feeling, so aptly summed up by the song that was stuck in my head all September, is probably going to be my lasting thought.

Now to go and celebrate the ultimate demise of this years Turkey with some sublime homemade turkey soup. Have a good New Years Eve!