Good Question Time last night

You sit down to watch Question Time. Tune in, see who's on the show:

Jacqui Smith
Michael Heseltine
Charles Kennedy

And, to cap it all off

Janet Street Porter.

You could see the car crash from two miles away. It's been a bad week for Gordon Brown, again. Smith is responcible for the most unpopular legislature of this government - ID Cards and 42 Days - and now they've managed to drag Heseltine in to beat her with a stick. Now, Heseltine is a Tory, granted. But he can really make a good point in a debate, and when he came out and slammed into Smith I was grinning from ear to ear. Kennedy left Heseltine to it. Porter, sadly, didn't really speak much. I believe that she was brought in to replace one of the UKIP ringleaders, so not too suprising.

I'm still smiling now. Smith, when the debate settled around her, was utterly destroyed by Heseltine and the other panelists, especially over the Ian Blair issue. Rather unsuprisingly Smith refused to be drawn on the issue. I can't say I'm sad that Ian Blair has gone, but it is possible that whoever replaces him will be worse. We shall see.