All aboard the ID train.


Well, it looks like our universally loved and adored Home Secretary is confident enough in her job security to reveal the first stage of ID Cards to the public. £70 nets you a piece of plastic that proves that we have the glorious privelege to live in this fantastic country.

The ID cards are supposed to be unfakeable, but it's brutally obvious that all the fancy gizmos intended to prevent illegal immigrants to enter or work in the UK will be utterly irrelevent considering the true circumstances of illegal immigrants in this country. They don't stop to have their passes checked, they don't work in legitimate jobs, they deliberatly pass under the radar. And I simply cannot see how an ID scheme is intended to change this. And the reason behind why? It isn't intended to.

The ID card scheme is, to be blunt, a racket. What happens is that you pay these shady figures £70, and in turn they don't throw you in jail for not possesing one. And if they don't punish you, it makes the entire scheme pointless.

I don't want to hear about how it will prevent immigration. I want to hear the genuine reasoning behind forcing everyone in the country to spend £70 on a bit of plastic. Is it so that New Labour can lower VAT for lower income families? Is it so that MI5 get a way of recording what everyone in the country is doing at a certain time? Is it to scrape ice off of our cars?

Why, Smith? Why?