We're Doomed.

I thought the title was appropriate from the recent 40th anniversary of Dads Army, but I think it aptly sums up my general mental frame at this exact moment.

In essence, I've just got shoddy AS Levels that have crushed my hopes of getting into any of the Red Brick universities. Instead, as my ever gleeful mother has pointed out, I am "no longer in a situation to be picky."

Well that is a shame. I'm not one for letting the situation change my opinion. In essence, it's Red Brick Or Bust. I get into a university that I can actually respect, or I stay in Accrington for the next 80 years, litterally my idea of an agonizingly slow death with a guarantee of worse with the follow-up party.

The thing is, I have a good amount of material to shout about this week to make me me feel a little better, not at least a juicy bit of foreign policy that really proves that we're still in the Cold War, even if the Americans can actually bring themselves to talk to the Russians. With Russia invading Georgia to ensure that the rebels in the two northern provinces that harbour russified Georgians stay good and russified, and America stepping in to block the Russians from doing as they please, we really see the utter lack of communication that has marked the relationship of these two companies for 70 years. This is now no longer about Georgia. It is the US - ever insistant that Russia can't get any more powerful as that would harm their monopoly of democratic thought - that has now put it's foot in Russia's cake. And the consequences are not going to be pretty.

Russia is part of the Security Council.

Russia is part of the G8.

Russia is the third biggest economy in the world.

And the US is in the process of burning the bridges.

The US has sided with the EU in this Georgian War. Russia will look for China's support.

This really goes to show how little we've achieved in 17 years without the Hammer and Sickle on the Russian flag.