To be blunt, Gordon Brown's premiership is now a complete farce. Not a farce of Blairite proportions - oh how fond do we remember those days! - when we latched onto the US foreign policy to all it's odds and ends. No. This is a farce of proportions that can only be described as monumentally pathetic.

I've already given reasons in my earlier rantings on UK politics, but what has finally tipped me over the edge to say that, as much as it pains me to say it, I'd rather see Cameron's smarmy face in Number 10 than Gordon Brown's, come the next election. Honestly. This is coming from somebody who was so utterly livid of the Conservative's policy that everyone in the north should move to the south that he very strongly considered sending a polite cartoon of a northerner in a flat cap beating Cameron's face in with a shovel to the Tory Party HQ. In the words of my thorougly lancastrian mother - who is oft mentioned in these articles, it would seem - the South is fine and all, but it's full of Southerners.

Nothing wrong with anything at Birmingham level or higher, mind.

Labour's key point of contention to Cameron's attacks on his economic policies is that under Labour, unemployment has come down to 1 million, rather than under Major where the figure was as high as 3 million. This 10 year old fact was growing somewhat stale - Major is a distant memory - but now Brown, ever the man for change, has managed to remove any real significance of that little fact by being, in his first year, so bad with the economy as to see the number of working households fall and the number of unemployed single parents rise. There is no doubt in my mind that the unemployment figures, when released, will show what people in Hyndburn and across Lancashire have been feeling for the last 10 years. Jobs are going, have been going, and will continue to go, until the only jobs one can find are in supermarkets or in the bayliff's offices.

When a Labour government goes bankrupt, stagnates it's education policy, oversees rising unemployment and does nothing to prevent the people that voted them in from freezing to death in winter...

What's the bloody point in it?