There is a little bit of a feeding frenzy going on at the moment about Gordon Brown's premiership. You may not have noticed. The ever resourceful media have decided to lengthen this story once again, with the Foreign Secretary - David Milliband - now under the spotlight. It's not too suprising really. Glasgow East's farce (which was embarassing to me as I was willing to bet money that Labour would scrape through...) has faded into memory. The media need a new story.

To quote my mother, Milliband's face doesn't fit.

I sometimes doubt my instincts, but when you actually look at Milliband you do not really get the impression that he's much of a driven public speaker who wants to do the best he can for society. He reminds me of John Major.

Really, the idea that Brown will be gone before the end of september is farcical to me. That would put a General Election just before Christmas. Hell, even if Brown were to leave at all (which is still in question, as he badly needs a cabinet reshuffle), Milliband would need to fight the modern day equvalent of Barbara Castle - Harriet Harman - to get the top job.

It certainly will be an interesting term in UK politics.