So we get to see Democrats voting. Again.

Anyone else getting bored of this drawn out, pointless election campaign? It is as if both candidates are dragging out this electon as long as possible because they are embarresed to actually face McCain.

So what is my thoughts on this election? I think that Clinton deserves to nab it. I think Obama is too much of a thinker to really convince the average voter. Which is a shame, because I think that Obama will win the Democrat race.

Which leads him right into the Conservative's crosshairs.

Kerry got the same in 2004 - as soon as he was confirmed victor, he was attacked by a well-prepared propaganda campaign. Kerry was discredited and tossed aside for Bush to mantain the presidency.

Ah well; not as if American politics is ever different - Conservatives and Democrats wrangleing over the amount of spots on the other's nose while the US education and welfare systems carry on failing.

- Huw