Saturdays are not good days for political blogging.

Because nothing much happens.

I mean, no wonder that this country is a bit apethetic towards politics. They only get 5 days of it a week. Whereas you have all sorts of "interesting" gossip all year around.

Maybe I'm just bitter because it is slow days like these that I end up rambling on about lots of nonsensical rubbish. Or that I'm just plain bored.

So now our government leaves the humble blogger to think of something to write about. Bless BBC News though, because we have learned about everybody's favorite Political Wife, Cherie Blair, about her new book. Which talks all about her time as the PM's wife.

To be honest, it is written by a lawyer. So it isn't going to be interesting... It does cover some interesting topics though, like how the deal between Blair and Brown came to be, and how Blair advised Brown on being PM. Like getting married.

You know, seeing how Tony Blair had Cherie for a wife, that seems like a rather stupid piece of advice.