Keep on trucking, Frank!

I love it when politicians come out of the shadows and fight for what they believe in. Frank Fields is just this sort of character - he realised that the 10p income tax removal was wrong, and now we see him fighting against much of his own party to keep Brown from slipping away from the 10p tax issue. This backbencher assault - if anything - has proved one thing. In my mind, Brown as a character simply isn't PM material. The fact that he is getting upstaged by a backbencher on these issues clearly shows this - Blair, in comparison, was always at the front of the party, making big speeches, and generally being interesting. This is something that Brown, whilst being a decent Chancellor, simply cannot work with, and as such he has removed New Labour's "look at me" persona.

It doesn't help that he's not a Teflon Man, either.

The thing is, Fields wasn't the first chap to bring up this issue. Who was, you ask? A certain Greg Pope, former Whip under Blair and now a rather lonely backbencher. More important, he is my local MP. I've met Pope, and I can say that he is a pretty nice chap. And works very hard for my constituency. Not that that doesn't mean I'm voting for the Lib Dem candidate in 2010, but I'll regret not voting for Pope.


At the moment, I am discovering the pain that is Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock. This is supposed to be a political blog, but I'll say one thing.

That game gives your fingers one hell of a work out.

- Huw